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Unicorn Birthday Party

Princess wants a unicorn party this year.   Thanks to Pinterest, it gives me a lot of idea.

(This unicorn balloon is so big. It is taller than Princess)



Unicorn horn

That’s the kid favourite. Two trays are gone in 30 minutes.
Very easy to make.
All you need are

  • melted chocolate
  • sprinkles
  • ice-cream cone

The sprinkles are not every even because prince and princess made this snack.

Unicorn cupcake

How can a birthday party without cupcake? We made orange cupcake as that is Princess favourite.


Rainbow cereal cup

Can’t have a unicorn birthday party without rainbow.  We use 3oz paper cup for the colorful cereal. A good snack for 5 years old party.  kids all have their own little cup and not much on the floor….





Unicorn sewing kit

Princess made this decoration by herself. With huge big needles, that’s a good sewing practice for princess.


I always include prince and princess in the party preparation. They really enjoy it.    It is also a good practice for fine motor skills, counting, math. A lot of preparation can be done by kids.  Putting up balloon, making snack, setting table. Instead of one night, you may need to schedule four half days to finish all the setup.