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Learn how to read clock

Today, we are working on clock.   We have a clock station in our classroom. 

The clock is an easy to read clock. It shows hours and minutes as well. 

Step 1:  Introduction of hours


At first, we read our favourite peppa pig clock book. This book is suitable for preschoolers. It gives an idea of “what’s ___ o’clock”

We have read this book many times and Princess has solid idea what does it mean for the hour hand already. 

After reading, we do our cloth pin activity for hour cards. 

These cards are the first step in our clock cards.  Child only work on the hour hand on these cards.



Step 2   Skip counting of 5

The minutes hand is skip counting of 5 around the clock. Therefore, we work on skip counting of 5 before introducing minutes hand.


Counting around the clock

I made a laminated worksheet for princess to count around the clock.  We followed the Montessori color for number. Therefore, you can see some bead bars around the clock.  Princess count the beads and record them on the worksheet. 


Skip counting 5 on hundred board

Princess put checkers on the skip counting of 5 on the hundred board. She found there is a pattern on the board very soon.   

After the work, I asked princess to count all the skip counting of 5 on the board. 



Record skip counting of 5 on worksheet

To reinforce the work,  princess record her skip counting of 5 on worksheet. and she can’t look at the hundred board.   





Step 3  Introduction of minute

At this point, princess is familiar with skip counting of 5.  We moved to our cloth pinning activity on minutes.  

These cards are colored for the minutes. Princess needs to count by 5 to find the answer.