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Introduction of 2 digits multiplication

After a student more familiar with multiplication table, we move to use checker board. 

I love this material. Child move the bead bars and see how 2 digits multiplication works!

Question: 69 x 4

Put 69 and 4 on the side. There is different colors for tens and units. It reminds the place value concept.

Also put 6 bead bar in ten and 9 bead bar in unit

Then apply 4 times to each bead bar

Then count each square.

On the square of unit , there is 36. we move 3 to ten square and left 6 bead bar in unit

On square of ten , there is 24. We move 2 bead bar to hundred and left 4 in ten

James changed 3+4 to 7 before I could take a photo.

The answer is 276