Kids craft at home

Small size paint

  • tempera paint
  • construction paper (cut to 4″ by 4″ square)
  • cotton swab
  • yard and clothes pin (for display the artwork)

(Remarks: Princess said that’s good for her to prepare her cards. Whenever she needs a card, she just need to take one paint out and write on the back)


Garden Invitation

Summer. Let’s make some flowers

  • different shapes construction paper
  • black color construction paper
  • white color crayon
  • glitter glue

Got this idea from Pinterest.  I cut the papers when Princess was doing coloring.

Princess fold the paper and send it as a card to daddy

I was amazed how details of the heart she made.


Flower doodles

  • watercolor paper
  • watercolor paint
  • permanent marker
  1. Put water puddles on watercolor paper.
  2. put watercolor paint on puddles and see how they go
  3. Draw with marker when the paper is dry 


Natural flower press bookmark

  • fresh flower petals
  • white glue
  • laminate sheet
  • laminate machine  (if you homeschool, you probably have one.)


Easy pop up ice-cream card

  • construction paper
  • sharpie
  • pencil colors
  • scissors

We found a pop up card idea in a library book. But we can’t cut the materials from our library book. So….. we made our own.

That’s pretty easy craft.  Just need to pay attention to the size of the ice-cream and the area to glue together.

Internet drawing + soft pastel coloring (Part 1)

  • computer with Internet
  • pencil and eraser
  • sharpie
  • soft pastel

Princess wants to draw unicorn. We found a drawing tutorial in youtube.

We used pencil for the first drawing and highlight it with sharpie. Then we experience our new material – soft pastel.

Soft pastel kinda like chalk. Princess has fun to blending color with her fingers.  We are very pleased with our end result



Internet drawing + soft pastel coloring (Part 2)

  • computer with internet
  • pencil and eraser
  • sharpie
  • soft pastel
  • cotton swab  (for applying pastel in details)

Princess had so much fun on soft pastel coloring yesterday and she wants to do it again!  (again and again – sounds familiar ?)

Today, she picked a pokemon. I was so surprised when we found the drawing tutorial for this particular pokemon in youtube. Internet has everything.

Today, we use cotton swab to blend soft pastel in small area.  It works well and princess loves it.  Good practice for her fine motor skills too.



Paper coil art

We have a lot of construction paper in different shape.  Sometimes, kids cut the paper and used part of it. How about the rest?  Leaving in the drawer for years.

Saw a paper coil art in Pinterest. That’s perfect to use up our papers.

I used the paper cutter. Love this little machine. I bought it in Michaels when we have 40% off coupon, paid $15 for that.  Used for years.  It is helpful when you want to cut some strips. No measurement needed.


  • construction paper in different color
  • paper cutter
  • white glue
  • card stock paper in black color

Make paper coil by rolling the paper strips.

Put glue at the bottom of the paper coils and place them on the construction paper