Montessori knobbed cylinders and knobbed cylinders set




This is a set of two Montessori materials
1) 20 pcs Knobbed cylinder blocks with four blocks
2) 20 pcs Knobless cylinders

1) Knobbed cylinder blocks
There are four blocks.
You order one set, means you will get 4 blocks
All blocks are different. Each block has its own order for the cylinders. Some cylinders may suit for different blocks.
Please refer to the pictures for the sequence.
(I use Canadian dollar, so it may shows different for US dollars)

Teaching purpose:
Visual discrimination of dimensions
Fine motor skills practice: coordination of the fingers used to hold the pencil. It is an important practice for writing in the near future
Preparation for mathematics.

Language to learn:
– Establishment of Quality: large, small
– Comparatives: larger, smaller
– Superlatives: largest, smallest

2) Knobless cylinders
There are 20 cylinders in 4 different color groups.
It can be used with knobbed cylinder blocks as an extension or use it alone.
Child observes and compares the different series with each other.

Getting a clearer understanding for the different dimensions and their interplay.

The biggest cylinder is 3cm in height and 3cm in diameter
The smallest cylinder is 1cm in height and 1cm in diameter

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Flat rate shipping
United States: CAD$10 for one order
Canada: CAD$15 for one order

For North America, All materials are shipped by air with tracking number. If you order before Thursday, your order should arrive US the week after.
For international shipping, it will be shipped by air. It takes 12 business days to most countries


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